Step Up for State Campaign

To support the Step Up for State initiative, University Marketing has worked alongside University Advancement to create meaningful digital and in-person experiences. Our collaborative efforts have included social media campaigns to help drive community engagement, videos and photography highlighting the benefits to our Bobcats, in-person displays and events, the reimagination of Step Up for State branding, and printed deliverables such as books and stickers.

step up for state logo
Step up for State Wordmark
Step up for State tweeter computer sample
Step Up Tweeter banner 1
Step Up Tweeter banner 3
Step Up Tweeter banner 2
Step Up Tweeter banner 4
Step up for State instagram phone samples

Team Members

Social Media Coordinator
Senior Graphic Designer
Associate Director
Copy Editor
Project Manager

Areas of Expertise

Copy writing and editing
Event planning and management
Graphic and print design
Social media strategy
Video and photography